Listen below as Ricky describes how he responded positively to failure & adversity after turning back just below the Death Zone on Everest in 2017, before returning in 2018 to reach the summit.

Mental Toughness in the Death Zone

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What is Mental Toughness & why is it important?

Mental Toughness is a personality trait that determines your ability to perform consistently under stress and pressure. It's often confused with resilience. Resilience can be defined as 'the ability to recover quickly from difficulties'. When something goes wrong, resilience enables us to grit our teeth, pick ourselves up and still believe that – despite this setback – we can achieve some or all of our goals.

However, resilience doesn't always mean that we have a positive feeling about a negative situation; in fact, someone who is resilient but without optimism & confidence can struggle if setbacks are too frequent or too sustained. Resilience can be viewed as a passive or neutral quality; we're resilient because we have to be resilient, not because we want to be.

Psychologists studying resilient managers found that some responded differently to stress, pressure and challenge. Some adopted a positive approach to adversity & challenge; in some cases even seeking this out. A predisposition towards exposure to challenge & risk enables these individuals to deal better with setbacks.

This positive, confident approach to adversity defines Mental Toughness.

All mentally tough individuals are resilient, but not all resilient individuals are mentally tough. A mentally tough individual sees challenge and adversity as opportunity, not threat. 

This subtle difference is vital in a world where we all experience change, challenge and setback more frequently and more quickly than ever. Adopting a positive mindset is key; it allows us to accept life’s ups and downs as part of our journey and personal development.

Mental Toughness in the Death Zone
Our approach: the nitty-gritty

Ricky is a certified leading authority on Mental Toughness and a licensed Mental Toughness Practitioner. His expert understanding of how our thinking affects our behaviour informs his approach to Mental Toughness coaching with individuals and teams, which helps organisations and teams to transform their performance, productivity and profitability. 

Our Mental Toughness Accelerator Programme has three key components:

Mental Toughness Team & Individual Coaching

Ricky works with all levels of leadership & management, offering a coaching style that is honest, authentic & humble to inspire life-changing, sustainable results.

Mental Toughness Assessments

We provide globally-accredited psychometric assessements to measure Mental Toughness.

Our assessments are reliable and well-validated psychometric measures, which highlight team & individual strengths & areas for development.

Our Accelerator assessments measure an individual's resilience and ability to cope with pressure and change around scales of Challenge, Control, Commitment and Confidence (the four Cs).

We dig even deeper, and we map these four scales against 8 other factors:

  • Life Control
  • Emotional Control
  • Goal Orientation
  • Achievement Orientation
  • Risk Orientation
  • Learning Orientation
  • Confidence in Abilities
  • Interpersonal Confidence
Organisational outcomes

Completing our Mental Toughness Accelerator Programme will improve your team's Mental Toughness. Published research and case studies from around the world show that Mental Toughness is a major factor in:


explaining up to 25% of the variation in performance in individuals


more engaged, more positive, more “can do”


better stress management, less prone to bullying


more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk

We provide individual assessment reports & organisation development reports that show patterns of scores for your team, which is useful to identify any cultural issues within the team.

Once we've established your individual & organisational Mental Toughness baselines, Ricky will deliver his inspirational keynote 'Follow Your Dreams' talk, then tailored individual & group coaching sessions to help develop Mental Toughness throughout the Accelerator. We'll repeat the Mental Toughness assessments to precisely measure your progress.

Inspirational Talk

Ricky describes how he developed Mental Toughness on his extraordinary journey from a council estate to the top of the world.

Optional Modules

To maximise the benefits of our Mental Toughness Accelerator Programme we offer two optional modules:

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I cannot recommend Ricky highly enough - the feedback and engagement across the firm was outstanding. Ricky is able to inspire you to work on your goals and realise that anything is possible.

Louise McCosh, Managing Director of FD People

Resilience helps you survive, but Mental Toughness helps you to prosper.