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Inspirational Talks


Inspiring your team to raise aspirations & set stretch goals


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Raising your team's aspirations. Building mental toughness & resilience.

Virtual Challenge Events


Building team cohesion & improving health & wellbeing

Outdoor Challenge Events


Expertly guiding your team safely out their comfort zone

What can Ricky do for YOUR team?

Ricky is an expert in mental toughness, resilience & living with purpose.

His own mental toughness was forged through failure, success & overcoming adversity. His classroom was the Death Zone on the world's highest mountains and the Sahara desert on ultra-endurance events. He discovered his purpose - to support the most vulnerable people - on secondment to an orphanage in Kenya and on deployments to crisis zones with the Red Cross.

Society & industry are in a state of constant, unpredictable change. In our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, traditional approaches to leadership, management & day-to-day working lead to certain failure.

Mentally tough & resilient individuals & teams prosper and succeed by adapting positively to crisis, change, uncertainty and innovation. Developing resilience, mental toughness and a positive mindset transforms performance, productivity, profitability and wellbeing.

If your team is primed for change and determined to unleash their potential, Ricky will partner in your success with live and virtual inspirational talks to raise aspirations, mental toughness assesment & coaching to turbo-charge your team's performance, and virtual & outdoor challenges to build resilience & cohesion.

Ricky engages authentically & with humility to inspire life-changing, sustainable results.

Living life with purpose

Mental Toughness


Assessing & coaching individuals & your team

Our unique four-month Mental Toughness Accelerator programme will assess, measure & develop your team's Mental Toughness, and turbo-boost their performance!